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5 PR Tips in a Tweet or Less

Public relations (PR) tends to be categorized as an industry that is hard to define, and one where the return on investment can’t easily be calculated. However, the long-term investment in your company’s strategic PR plan WILL pay dividends quickly by helping your business grow, building its reputation, and expanding its customer base.

If your organization isn’t currently sold on PR, below are a few tips to give you some insight.

1. Know thy audience
As an ancient Greek philosopher once said, one must “know thyself”, but in PR the only knowledge more fundamental to knowing thyself is knowing thy audience. By having a thorough grasp on the market you’re trying to reach, you can better tailor your message and methods of communication to be most effective.

2. Have a strong SEO game
The internet has officially surpassed the white pages as the leading resource to find a business solution. Enhance your methods of communication, from website to social media and email marketing, using search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your company is one of the first search results for your services.

3. Get involved
Find an organization in your community, or one that matches your company’s mission, and lend a hand. By helping out with a cause your business is genuinely passionate about, you will boost your company’s reputation while simultaneously giving back to your community. How can you go wrong?

4. Perfect your presentation

Take time to consider your brand and develop materials that speak to your company’s unique voice. Well thought out marketing materials, online and print, present a professional first impression and builds client confidence that you are a subject matter expert who can produce high quality deliverables.

5. Stay current with news
Maximize business opportunities by taking advantage of current events. Whether using hot news stories to get your subject matter expert in the public eye or intertwining your services with a trend, staying abreast of what’s popular can only be beneficial for business.

Social media is an easy way to stay on top of breaking news. Not only do these tools provide you with the latest news, but it allows you to jump in on the conversation and share your thought leadership.

Although there is no one size fits all PR solution, once you have identified your strategic messages and target audiences, simple tactics can be utilized to build a solid foundation. Test out the water to see how your business can benefit from adding public relations to its strategic plan. That’s how we roll here in Commonwealth Consultants.

I’m Whitney Winn and I’m in “Suite 250”.