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Bruce McLeod, Executive Vice President

bruce mcleod, executive vice president, commonwealth consultants

Bruce McLeod is executive vice president of the public relations practice at Commonwealth Consultants.

Bruce has applied his expertise in public relations, government affairs and community relations/grassroots strategies to assist our corporate clients in winning local government zoning approvals, garnering citizen grassroots support on key issues, and gaining favorable media attention. He has developed communications plans for clients that have enabled them to reach their target audiences, enhance their reputation with that audience and develop a strong brand.

Prior to his joining Commonwealth Consultants in June 2001, he spent four and a half years with Golin/Harris (formerly known as Ryan McGinn) one of the largest public relations firms in the United States. As vice president at Golin/Harris, he drew from his extensive experience in local government and public relations to develop strategies to enable clients to build citizen support for a broad range of public policy issues. Prior to Golin/Harris, he spent five years as chief of staff for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors member, Elaine McConnell. While serving as chief of staff, Bruce dealt extensively with education, economic development and policy issues facing Fairfax County, Virginia.

The development of an Economic Strategic Plan and the establishment of a Regulatory Review Plan for Fairfax County are among Bruce’s accomplishments while with Supervisor McConnell. Both plans were a “first” for the county and required high-level participation from political and business leaders in Fairfax. Additionally, he spent three years working with Fairfax County officials, federal officials, citizen activists and elected officials in developing a comprehensive land use plan for the Army’s 820-acre Engineer Proving Ground in Springfield, Virginia.

Bruce holds a master of public administration degree from George Mason University and a bachelor of art degree from Michigan State University. He is chairman of Vanguard Services Unlimited, a founding member of the Fairfax County Park Foundation and past chairman of Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. In addition, Bruce is a member of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Virginia Technology Council, and a past member of the Fairfax County Economic Advisory Commission.

Outside of Commonwealth Consultants, Bruce is an avid ice hockey player and mountain biker. He also enjoys photography and traveling with his wife, Jackie.