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CASE STUDY | Govcon Challenges

Commonwealth Consultants is a trusted ally to Government Contractors.

The shift towards insourcing and spending cuts poses significant challenges for contractors. It is more important now than ever before to:

  • Articulate why you are the best
  • Capitalize on what unique differentiators separate you from your competitors
  • Communicate effectively with procurement decision-makers

Mid-Sized Tech Coalition


Commonwealth Consultants recruited The Orkand Company, Dimensions International, IMC and NCI to help brand the strengths of mid-sized technology companies in the federal contracting space.


Commonwealth Consultants developed an innovative strategy that led high level staff from the House Government Reform Committee to schedule hearings to better understand their issues.

Integic Corporation

For over a decade, Commonwealth Consultants promoted Integic’s interests on Capitol Hill. A program of relationship building and targeted branding with Members of Congress and key staff advanced the growth of DOD contracts for Integic’s software, e.Power. Upon their sale, Integic’s DOD work was the largest growth engine of the corporation.