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No School like Old School

There’s no denying it, technology has reinvented the way public relations strategies are created down to every detail.

Modern advancements in technology have changed the way we get our news, connect with our peers and how we do business. In many ways, these forward-thinking trends have made our interactions much easier. On the other hand, it can be argued that we have become a society where instant gratification is valued and the perception of technological relevance can cloud the quality of deliverables.

In the changing plane of public relations, new ways of communicating are being created and tested while many traditional public relations tactics have been revitalized to encompass these changes, but what about the classic, though less glamorous, methods of public relations? Have they fallen by the wayside in the technologic age or still as relevant as ever?

Direct Mailings

On average, how many emails do you get per day? Chances are, way too many.

Emailing is a fast and free way to connect with anyone, which over time has caused us to become inundated with messages on a daily basis. A well-designed graphic or handwritten letter is far more inclined to create a lasting impression on your recipients than a follow up email.

Press Releases

Contrary to popular belief, the press release is alive and well. Press releases contain authentic content that allow journalists to access important details efficiently. It’s proven that the more readily available the information, the more likely it will garner news coverage.

Phone Calls

Never underestimate the power of a phone call.  Although nothing beats face-to-face interaction, speaking over the phone allows you to pick up verbal cues and provides the opportunity for conversation to flow naturally.  Whether speaking with a journalist, or researching information for a client, a call is a fast and effective way to bring immediate attention to any given issue.  Why send a series of messages when one phone call will do?

As you consider how your organization manages its’ public relations, remember a few key philosophies: less is more, newer is not always better and sometimes the most innovative ideas come from the old school.

I am Whitney Winn and I’m in “Suite 250”.