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Why Public Relations Will Help You Succeed …

It may have been acceptable five years ago to just grow through the status quo. Today it’s a different story. Competition is fierce, dollars are scarce.

It is critical to articulate why you’re the best, what unique differentiators separate you from your competitors, and how best to communicate with decision-makers.

Innovative, cost effective public relations strategies help define who you are. But let’s face it, public relations is about increasing your bottom-line!

  • Our public relations program for a Fortune 500 corporation’s expansion in the DC area  positioned them to earn a net profit exceeding $100 million over the life of the investment.
  • A Fortune 25 company valued a story placed by Commonwealth Consultants in The Washington Post at over $300,000.
  • Our efforts for our transportation and development clients have saved them tens of millions of dollars when each delay cuts into their profit margin.